Anglers Edge Capt. Captain Buddy Edge I am a USCG Licensed Striper Guide on Clarks Hill Lake / Thurmond Lake in South Carolina and Georgia year round. I also fish Lake Murray SC.  Our boats are fully rigged to fish a guide party up to six people.   Fishing gear and everything else is provided for you! While no one can guarantee fish.... You can't catch fish sitting at home! Catches of 15 to a limit of fish between 2 and 8 pounds are common April through December. January and February will produce less (5 to 10- 5 to 40 lbs) fish but chances of catching a 20lb plus fish are never greater. In March spawning fish avg. 5 to 20 lbs with catches of 10 to 20 fish. If I can't take you we have four more top guides I can set you up with to put you on fish.
You will get 8 hours of fishing or your limit, whichever comes first. Limit is 10 fish per person-guide not included.  I primarily fish with live bait and even the novice fisherman will soon be reeling them in. Large groups, corporate trips welcomed.

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Our Address:
Daniel LaDow
Please Contact Buddy First. He Coordinates our trips.
, GA  
Phone Numbers:
Phone: 706-855-2944 or 706-373-1004
E-mail Address:

Buddy Edge
PHONE: 803-637-3226
CELL PHONE: 803-480-0200
Capt. Buddy has been fishing for Clarks Hill/Thurmond Lake for more than 30 years and me more than 20 years. Buddy is full time and until last year I was full time gas prices, the economy and two kids in college has required me to go to work as a manager in Wal-Mart. I can only fish three days a week now.

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